#NYBFW- who let us in here?

#NYBFW- who let us in here?

#NYBFW- who let us in here?. Mobile Image

Aug 13, 2019

All L fan’s favorite time(s) of year is New York Bridal Fashion Week! You never know what will pop up on our insta stories… (If you missed our stories, you can head to our insta highlights and theres a little recap of the past two.) The phrase that kept coming up this trip though was “who let us in here?”

So last NYBFW, we were watching the press shows from the plane on IG Live and looked at each other and said “HOW DO WE GET IN THOSE SHOWS?!” Y’all have seen the “shows” we go to…the rooms are packed (shoulder to shoulder) and you have to get there super early to get a good seat because if you’re on the 2nd row…you won’t see anything. So two weeks before Bridal Fashion Week, one of our reps (one of our favorite reps might we add), texted us and said “do y’all want to come to the press show?” Ummm…YES WE DO.

The Press Show was just as amazing as we thought with real photogs (looked like the paparazzi in there) and real models. We had name tags and assigned seating and ya girls got to sit FRONT ROW. Sure, there were only two rows but for our first show and barely open a year, we thought we were something special. A bridal magazine publisher sat next to me!

We went to our usuals–JLM Headquarters, The Knot Couture Market, and One Fine Day Market. And THEN we checked out a new line by Sarah Seven–Scout!!! Which will be in store this WEEK! Scout is getting their own blog post! So stay tuned for that!! We picked up a couple new accessory designers, a shoe line, veils, etc.

Our Rules of NYC: We try to eat as much pizza as possible (just because we like pizza), for whatever reason….we eat McDonalds fries daily (the ONLY time in life I eat McDonalds fries), and we do the Hop On/Off bus tour just so we don’t have to walk as much! We did the Sex and the City Tour and our very own Snack Tour featuring Laduree and Milk Bar and a 1/2 marathon worth of walking.

Also, while on our snack tour…a man in Mackenzie Childs stopped me and said “has anyone told you that you look like someone famous?” And I was thinking “oh help me…people always say the worst actresses and then my feelings are hurt…” And then he said Michelle Williams…which I have gotten since the Greatest Showman with her long blonde hair. He then proceeded to tell me she lives in the neighborhood we were in so he thought I was her. Almost, man. Almost.

We stayed at the Langham 5th Avenue this time which was a dream. We had a view of the Empire State Building…the biggest bathroom you’ve ever seen WITH a TV in the mirror…and it may have even been haunted. We are 90% sure there was someone else in our room…ha! The cleaning ladies really liked to step it up a notch by organizing our makeup all together….so that was fun. They also removed all the hair from my brush…so if there is a murder in NYC and a whole patch of my hair shows up…it wasn’t me.

OK so the last part of “who let us in here?” is the highlight of our trip…no doubt. Your girls got bumped to FIRST CLASS where we belong. They gave us warm towels, full meals, drinks in actual glasses, individual seats, it was the time of our lives. We have no idea how it happened because CLEARLY we were wearing yoga pants and hoodies.

We are already counting down until October when we go back!