Our shop is designed is to give you the BEST one-on-one experience possible. We do require appointments so that all the attention can be on YOU. Can you imagine trying on a wedding gowns and another bride coming in and trying on gowns next to you? The staff splitting their attention between you and someone else who just decided to stop in? What you’ll notice about L is that we are different. Unlike anything Lake Charles and SWLA has ever seen. We are proud of that and take your appointment seriously. We want you to have the BEST, most luxurious experience possible because you deserve it. There is a $25 non-refundable booking fee. You can make an appointment by following this link lbridalcouture.com/contact .

Our gowns start at $1500 to just below $7000. We have an amazing variety of the “creme de la creme” wedding gowns. We chose the best gowns for every price point in our range. The majority of our gowns are between $2000-$3500. We encourage you to know your budget before coming in and let us know. We will stick to your price point. If the budget is flexible, let us know that too! We HIGHLY discourage you from trying on gowns outside your budget. There is a reason that one gown is $1800 and one is $4000. The quality, the lace, the detail, we don’t want our brides to leave disappointed because they fell in love with a gown out of their range. You won’t find gowns like ours anywhere else in Louisiana or Southeast Texas!

You shouldn’t start shopping unless you are willing and able to purchase the gown. The fun part about shopping for your dress is the part where you say yes! If you say “yes to the dress” but aren’t able to pay for it quite yet, it takes away from the special moments that follow (in our store– popping confetti, celebrating, etc). Sometimes gowns get discontinued so if you wait to purchase, it may not be available anymore. At our store if a gown has been purchased several times, we “retire” it so our small community isn’t saturated with the same gown.

We recommend ordering your gown 8 months to a year before your wedding day and here is why: e ach designer has different lead times with the average time taking 4-6 months, most gowns have to be altered so you need to account for a couple months of alterations and lastly, if you are doing bridals then your gown needs to be finished (alterations included) prior to those. In South Louisiana, you will need to take into account Mardi Gras and Prom season if you are marrying in the Spring and Homecoming if marrying the fall (meaning your alterations may take longer than usual).

Some designers will allow us to get a loaner gown for an additional price which is passed to you.

No, 99% of the time, your gown will need to be altered for you. Whether it is hemming it or taking it in somewhere since your size is based on your biggest measurement. Alterations are not offered in house but we have amazing seamstresses we recommend!

We recommend you bring your rocks and the least amount of people as possible. Think of this…when you and 8 friends are trying to decide on dinner, how often do you ever agree on the same thing? Most of the time, you and your friends don’t necessarily have the same taste in clothes and wedding gowns are no different. So bring your supportive friends, the ones that get you and know that y’all have different styles and respect that. Don’t bring the friends that point out your flaws or the critical ones. We all have that one critical friend. This is a once-in-a-lifetime day. So bring your rocks and if you’d like to show ALL your friends AFTER you’ve picked your gown and have them there when you pop confetti…we can definitely arrange that!

Absolutely! But too many photos or Facetiming your friends that couldn’t make it, takes away time from your appointment. 75 minutes seems like a long time but generally goes quickly. We recommend narrowing it down to your favorites (which you’ll want to try on again anyway) and then taking photos so you can see how it photographs

We do! We carry Hayley Paige Occasions dresses which start at $250. They are beautiful, one of a kind, and luxurious.

Our Hayley Paige Occasions are not just limited to bridesmaids! They can be used for all occasions! They do have to be special ordered which takes 11-13 weeks to come in. We are unable to sell them off the rack.

We are by appointment only so we are only open when we have brides. We take bridal appointments Tuesday-Saturday 10:00am to 4:00pm (the last appointment is at 4pm). If there is a rare circumstance and we are available (and you’re super nice to Mary), we will consider taking an appointment at a time we are normally closed. Please know all texts, phone calls, and social media messages are only answered during business hours. So if you call once or 20x on a Sunday or Monday, your phone call won’t be returned until Tuesday.