Gown Preservation: All the Details...

Why clean and preserve your gown?

At a minimum, you should at least have your gown cleaned after your wedding day. A lot goes on during your wedding and bridal portraits that may cause dirt on the bottom of your gown, stains from the reception, and sweat from having a great time dancing and the Louisiana heat! Preservation ensures that your gown doesn't yellow with time and stains don't set. So if you plan to show your daughter or granddaughters in the future, cleaning and preservation is a MUST. Depending on your gown, our stylists will recommend one of the following preservations:


 $325 Designer Preservation



You do not have to be an L Bride to take advantage of this amazing service! L Brides do get a discount on their wedding preservation!

Drop off for gown preservation is Tuesdays 12-5pm or Saturdays 10-2pm! You can also text the store to set up a time for drop-off.